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Destoners & Storage

About Our Destoners & Storage

Mixers, destoners & storage.

Shop for coffee bean mixers, destoners and storage for small to medium roasters. Our mixers are ideal for flavouring, mixing and blending coffee beans, while our quality destoners efficiently remove all foreign bodies.

Coffee Bean Destoners

As the name suggests, a destoner will rid your roasted coffee beans of any stones or foreign material that could have been introduced during the roasting process. It's important to remove this foreign matter to avoid costly damage to grinding equipment and maintain the quality of your coffee.

How Does A Destoner Work?

One way of understanding what a coffee destoner does is to think of it as an adjustable vacuum cleaner. The destoner is designed to only be able to move material that is the same density as the roasted coffee beans. Any foreign matter (which will be heavier and more dense than the roasted coffee beans) will drop out leaving you with your delicious, roasted coffee.

Browse through our destoners below, or speak to one of our team about your requirements.