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Afterburners & Silo's

About Our Afterburners & Silos

Factory & custom built afterburners

We stock a range of coffee roasting afterburners and silos designed to fit Has Garanti, Coffee Tech, Proaster, Diedrich, Probat, Joper, Petroncini, Toper, Giesen and many other brands. Afterburners can be modified to suit certain installations, with a turnaround of 4-5 weeks as work is done in Australia.

What is an Afterburner?

An afterburner is used to remove emissions and odors from coffee roasting equipment. Coffee roasting produces smokey emissions that contain a number of pollutants which can harm the environment.

How does an Afterburner work?

Our reliable afterburners oxidizes the waste gases generated from roasting using the combustion process. By producing a much cleaner emission, coffee roasters are able to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising the quality of the roast.

Browse the products below for a range of coffee roasting afterburners.